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We Create Invaluable, Priceless Renaissance-Style Artworks.

Welcome to PolarisWish! I am Elvira and the proud CEO of this unique PhotoStudio. 

I created Polaris from the ground up with one main objective in mind: To create an authentic service that is wholeheartedly sentimental for pet-owners and their furbabies. 

I built PolarisWish on innovation, creativity, and everything about us stands out from the crowd. 

All the artwork designed and delivered by PolarisWish is done with precision, dedication, and full commitment to providing excellent service that we know our clients deserve. 

All Our Clients Are The Centre Of Our Brand

We know all about the slow service, complicated processes, unhelpful customer care, and low-quality products that similar brands in this industry offer. 

That is why I have created PolarisWish to be as quick, direct, and delightful as possible.

The core of PolarisWish is, without doubt, our clients (both four-legged and not), and we tailor high-quality products and services for you because of this. 

We are always over the moon to listen to any feedback or inquiries from our clients. We do our very best to ensure we deliver the end result you imagined. 

Whether you need help with your order, or you have a question for our company, feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

We Offer A Selection Of Stunning Artwork

Would you like to see your dog portrayed as an honorable Lord or a magnificent Queen? 

At PolarisWish, we have so many artwork styles to choose from that will capture the most adorable features of your four-legged friend. 

We categorize our artworks for female furbabies and for male furbabies. For males, you have many fun styles such as a Musician, a General, or even a Duke! For females, we have the Princess, the Queen, the dame, and the list goes on!

Not only will this give you something super-amazing to add to your home, but PolarisWish offers a purely memorable service. 

Every time you have guests over, you can count on them being wowed by your personal PolarisWish portrait.


At PolarisWish, Our Process Is Quick And Easy

The last thing we want to do is keep you waiting, and that’s why I created our process at PolarisWish to be highly convenient to our clients. 

Getting your furry friend’s portrait at PolarisWish is painless. You simply choose artwork and apply any customizations to make it more personal to you. 

Next, you place your order and attach a high-quality, ultra-cute photo of your pet. Not sure what kind of photo to submit? Check our Image Guidelines for helpful tips! 

Then, email us a bunch of awesome photos of your pet, so our expert designers have more options to choose from. We will select the finest photo and if there aren’t any good ones, don’t stress! We’ll let you know within the hour!

Our team of designers will then send you a preview and make as many necessary edits as possible to achieve the perfect portrait. 

Once you’ve approved the portrait, we can either ship the portrait to you or send it via email, and ta-da you have awesome artwork to flaunt. 

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PolarisWish Can Be Used By Anyone At Anytime

You don’t have to have a pet to use PolarisWish! Our portraits make the best, most extraordinary gifts too. If you have any family or friends who completely adore their furbabies, then warm their hearts with a customized Renaissance PolarisWish portrait. 

There’s no question that any pet-lover would absolutely adore this! 

Also, because our process is digital, we can seamlessly ship to anywhere around the globe! Yes, that means wherever you are, you can use the PolarisWish service and have sentimental artwork too.

Don’t settle for any ol’ mediocre artwork that gives you more stress than smiles. 

Choose PolarisWish because you and your furbabies deserve the very best, and that’s what you’ll get!